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The sanctity of Taharat HaMishpacha and a local Mikvah are critical components in the foundation of an Orthodox Community.


The YIWP is pleased to announce the opening of the mikvah on our campus.  The dream of our own community mikvah is now a reality thanks to strong and generous community support.  


A Mikvah Board has been formed to manage the fundraising, marketing and operations. 


Support YIWP Mikvah

The YIWP Mikvah is 100% dependent on Community Support.  Please donate by credit card below to further support our Mikvah. (Checks can be mailed to YIWP Office)

Additional Donation opportunities are available. Please contact Cheryl Gold ( if you would like to make a directed donation or otherwise participate in the project. 


We thank all those who have already donated.  

Sat, September 23 2023 8 Tishrei 5784